Taggart's Arabians and Shihtzus

Richard and Carol Taggart
34066 620th Avenue, Wadena, MN 56482
Email: grannytag@hotmail.com
Phone: 218-631-2099 Cell: 218-639-2088
We have Daphne, Jack, Henry and Chewie.
They have all been neutered or spayed except
for Henry and he will be as soon as get around
to scheduling an appointment for him. It was a
lot of fun breeding and finding homes for the
puppies but as both of my girls were getting
old (Bailee actually passed away on Dec. 28,
2016 and I really miss her) to continue to raise
puppies, we decided it was time to quit my
little business and turn them into family pets.
We thank all of you who have puppies from us
and hope to continue to hear from you. We
love to hear how both you and the puppies are
We are out of the Shih Tzu Business. We
still have 4 as Pets.